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Traveling the PNW: (Probably) Part 1

It's safe to say that since we've moved to Washington, we've had a bit of FOMO. We have approximately EVERYTHING on our to-see/to-do list and since there's so much to do here, it'll take more than a few trips to get it all done!

As we're new to any and all types of exploring, we've started relatively small, with a few of the more well-known places near where we live. Since I have no idea where we'll go next, and in the spirit of Just Doing It, I thought I'd upload a post full of photos of a few of the places we've been to so far, and maybe make a thing of just posting a photo dump every few months to keep track of where we've been.

Snoqualmie Falls, early July 2020
Shoutout to my husband for always waiting for me on hikes since I have no stamina. Twin Falls, North Bend, WA

Our first short trip was to Snoqualmie Falls and Twin Falls. Just breaking in our hiking feet for the year.

Getting a foot tan on the cloudiest day of the year. Kayaking at Boston Harbor Marina, Olympia, WA
It's not a travel blog post without food pics. Sophie's Scoops, Olympia, WA

Kayaking for the first time in years, plus local eats. We (okay, I) actually got a legit foot tan in the pattern of my sandal straps even though the sun barely poked its head out of the clouds for five minutes on this trip.

Macleay Park and, below, Witch's Castle, Portland, OR
Pittock Mansion, Portland, OR
Panoramic view of the city of Portland, from the lawn at Pittock Mansion.
Sizzle Pie Pizza, Portland, OR

Took a quick trip to Oregon in late July, exploring Portland and the outskirts of the city on day 1, and driving out to the Pacific Coast on day 2. It was amazing to be on a sandy beach again!

Oregon Coast Rail Ride, Wheeler, OR
View of countryside from rail bike. Oregon Coast Rail Riders, Wheeler, OR
Fish & chips beach picnic. Cannon Beach, OR
Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, OR
Anemone, probably? Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach, OR

The gulls nesting on Haystack Rock reminded me of the dragons' hive in How to Train Your Dragon! 😍 The water was frigid, though, and my hair was a mess of knots from the mist and wind off the water after we left!

You could be the worst photographer on the planet and still get good photos here. Mount Rainier National Park, WA
Summer wildflowers and the elusive mountain. Mount Rainier National Park, WA
Morning mist rising over the foothills. The mountain's off to the left somewhere. Mt Rainier Nat Park
Nothing to see here, just another breathtaking view. Mt Rainier Nat Park
One of many rocky creeks that flow from the ever-elusive mountain. Mt Rainier Nat Park

An early start was absolutely necessary for our trip out to Mount Rainier. We hiked the Skyline Trail and got some amazing photos - and Kyle was almost run over by a galloping marmot! I wish we could've gotten it on video!

A crow on a quaint bookstore's sign, on our latest excursion to Port Townsend, WA
Port Townsend Bay, Port Townsend, WA
Haller Fountain, Port Townsend, WA
Tide pools - Tongue Point Marine Life Sanctuary outside Port Angeles, WA
Incoming Tide - Tongue Point Marine Life Sanctuary outside Port Angeles, WA

Our latest excursion for exploring was along the northern coast of the Olympic Peninsula. We spent the morning in Port Townsend, a quaint village full of Victorian homes and buildings, and the afternoon at Tongue Point, a great place to explore tide pools!

Hopefully there'll be more blog posts like this one coming! I have *got* to get better at taking pictures while we're out and about so that'll give me a good reason to take more photos than I usually do!

Let me know in the comments if you've been to any of the places I mention in this post, and which you liked best! Thanks for stopping by!


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