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20 Healthy-ish Snacks for Summertime

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

I feel hungry a lot. Usually this has nothing to do with my body needing extra nourishment and everything to do with being bored or procrastinating on something. So, while I try not to eat snacks all day long, sometimes you need an afternoon pick-me-up. It’s hard to go all the way from lunch to dinner without a little something, nor should you!

Summer is a great time to experiment with different snack options, especially because there is such a wide selection of fruits and vegetables available during the summer months. The key to a good snack, so I’ve gathered from reading six thousand posts like this one on how to build a better snack, is to try and make it as nutritionally balanced as possible. This means you want a bit of fiber, a bit of protein, and a bit of fat to round out your snack. Not all the snacks listed below are necessarily just for summer, and not all of them are perfectly balanced, nutritionally speaking, but then again, not all your snacks have to be! It’s more about what you do most of the time that counts toward maintaining your health; and if maintaining your wellbeing involves chocolate, then it would be wrong not to include it! Right?

The combinations for snacks are literally endless, but here's 20 of them:

1. Fruit or berries & pistachios – fresh summer fruits are packed with vitamins and fiber. Pair with pistachios (or another nut like almonds, pecans, etc.) for a hit of protein and satiating fat.

2. Carrots & dip – I cut up carrots and store them in a glass jar covered with water; they stay crisp much longer that way, and I’m more likely to eat carrots instead of potato chips with my ranch sour cream dip… most of the time. To round out the snack, trade out the ranch dip for hummus for a boost of protein and fiber.

3. Celery, peanut butter, & raisins – a classic. My family called it frogs on a log, but Kyle’s family called it ants on a log. Either way, it’s cute af, and a healthy, balanced snack!

4. Grapes & cheese cubes – yum. I serve them with little cocktail toothpicks so you can spear a grape and a cheese cube and eat them at the same time.

Caprese Salad

5. Caprese salad – made with grape tomatoes and mozzarella pearls; drizzle on balsamic vinegar or balsamic reduction and you have a delicious snack with some real depth of flavor.

5-Spice Apples

6. Apple slices & spice – strange as it may sound, I love my apple slices with Chinese 5-spice on them. Just be sure you’re using the salt-free kind; I can’t say for certain if they’d be delicious with salt on them. Serve with a hard-boiled egg for nutritional balance.

7. Banana & chocolate milk – I’m not a huge banana person, but if there’s a lovely fresh one that’s not too brown lying around, I’ve been known to eat one with a glass of chocolate milk on the side.

8. Guacamole & tortilla chips – personally I love the seedy, whole grain tortilla chips with guac for a little extra fiber.

9. Edamame – steamed with coarse salt sprinkled on top, these little soybeans are excellent as an afternoon snack, and are high in both protein and fiber! Plus, I’d say they count as a vegetable.

10. Yogurt, jam, & nuts/seeds – mix & match! I like the Icelandic Skyr yogurt with raspberry jam and toasted unsalted pepitas. But you could do blackberry jam and crunchy peanut butter, or grape jelly and hulled, salted sunflower seeds – the options are endless!

11. Latte & dark chocolate square – sweet & indulgent without being too calorie-dense. Check out my homemade creamy latte here.

12. Green tea & cookies – depending on the cookie, this could be a less health-conscious choice, but I think a cookie or two is good for the soul.

13. 1-minute "cookies" – you just need a graham cracker, a nut butter of your choice (I like smooth peanut butter) and M&Ms or mini chocolate chips for a quick, delicious way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

14. Chocolate-dipped strawberries – you only need about 2 squares of 72% dark chocolate to cover 6 big strawberries, and this snack will come in below 200 calories!

15. Peanut butter dates – fill a soft, pitted date with some crunchy peanut butter for a nutritionally balanced bite.

16. Prunes & cheese stick – fiber from the prunes, protein and fats from the cheese; you’re looking at a snack that’ll hold you over till dinner here.

17. Smoothie – add a spoonful of ground flax seeds to add fiber without messing up the taste of your smoothie, and serve with a hard-boiled egg or blend in some Greek yogurt for more protein!

18. Apple slices & cheddar – my grandpa always eats his apple pie with a slice of sharp cheddar cheese. Yum!

19. Pretzels & honey mustard – I love this snack. Add a few slices of ham for protein and choose whole grain pretzels for fiber!

20. Shrimp cocktail – if you have a few leftover shrimp, why not serve them up with some classic cocktail sauce for a quick snack? Add some fruit or a quick tossed spinach salad on the side for more fiber.

Have you tried any of these combinations? What are some of your favorite healthy-ish summertime snacks? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! Happy snacking!


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