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Hi! I’m Kara, a bookworm and foodie who practically lives in the kitchen.


My goal when starting The Literary Spoon was to find a way to share with others the books and comforting, (mostly) health-conscious foods that I love, while also expanding my opportunities for writing. A blog seemed the perfect platform to realize this goal.


Originally from (and obsessed with) the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I am currently a nomad, as my husband, Kyle, works for the U.S. military. Because of this, you’ll find plenty of posts about travel, organization, and minimalism, in addition to my main focus on reading and recipes.


Find me on Instagram @kara.cushway


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I’m not a medical or health professional in any sense of the phrase. On my blog you may find posts that cover topics like mental health and healthy eating, but please be aware that the tips I give are not meant to be considered or taken as advice, diagnosis, or treatment by a real medical or health professional. Do not stop, delay, or neglect contacting a medical or health professional about any symptoms you may have because of something you read on this blog. Consult a medical or health professional before changing your diet, exercise routines, or mental health care based on anything you read on this blog.


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